Who we are

Our label was established in the early years of the 1980’s decade under the name of “Philippe  International”.  While being an authentic creation of it’s time, the label became a source of inspiration and creation of unique clothing items, characterized by high aesthetics, which were always intertwined with the fashion waves and patterns of that era. For the next two decades that followed, our brand established its position as a style creator both domestically and internationally!

Etiquette from 1984.

That brings us to 2018 when we begin to write a new chapter in our history. With a vast consignment of designs created during the 1980’s , 1990’s and early 00’s , we’re bringing back the retro style as “Ferro Vintage Clothing”. The shirts that you will find on this website have been exhibition pieces of the past, therefore they are limited in numbers!

Price tag from 1992, hand painted.

Our products are defined by the high quality of the materials used during their production. All of the materials and fabrics are made in Italy or France, created in a period when the fiber and sewing quality was really of top importance in fashion! Unworn, well preserved and protected from the sunlight and dust all these years, our shirts are literally brand new even though they were produced years ago (they even come with the price tag of the era). Ideal for vintage fashion lovers, our brand is here to add a unique touch to your outfit!